Epic fantasy as it was meant to be...

More epic than the original! 
Featuring more magical mayhem, ghostly visitations, monsters behaving badly and Sarn, an untrained mage who’s just trying to solve a murder no one wants solved.

 Get more mystery, intrigue and suspense--with a heartwarming twist because that's how we roll.

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Did we mention it’s more epic than the original? Because it so is.

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In a world where enchanted trees keep secrets, and subterranean living is all the rage, the odds are stacked against Sarn. But he's the only one who cares enough to figure out what happened to the ghost haunting him. 

Supported by a tight-knit cadre of Rangers who will get in his way at every turn, Sarn must find a way to do what's right and follow orders. Add in a young son who craves a little ad-ven-ture and Sarn will need more than magic to protect his son from the dark forces stalking them. 

 And he’s running out of time. The boy’s murder unleashed something terrible turning mud into monsters, peaceful forestry into warring trees and coworkers into kidnappers. Can Sarn foil the murderer’s ultimate plans before they target his son?